Zia 3mm Faceted Iolite 18k Yellow

Zia 3mm Faceted Iolite 18k Yellow

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Channel your inner mystic with the magical Zia iolite body jewelry by Anatometal. A luminous 3mm faceted iolite gemstone is displayed in an ornamental prong setting, unleashing its mesmerizing deep violet blue shimmer. Meticulously handcrafted from polished 18k yellow gold. Measuring 3mm wide, this ornate threadless adornment awakens your spiritual side when worn in tragus or helix piercings. Iolite inspires wisdom, intuition and vision. Anatometal’s innovative threadless design enables effortless wearing. For the spiritually curious, Zia ignites your look with an otherworldly glow, connecting you to mystical dimensions within.

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