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We offer a wide selection of top-quality piercings and the largest jewelry collection in Houston. Our expert piercers prioritize hygiene, safety, and client comfort throughout the piercing process.

Choose from our large selection of body jewelry in Houston.

Relax and enjoy a private piercing room while our experienced piercers, with 30 years of combined experience, deliver exceptional results.

At our Houston piercing shop, we stay updated on the latest techniques and safety standards to ensure your peace of mind. With a vast inventory of implant-grade body jewelry, including titanium, gold, and a stunning array of gemstones, we have the perfect options for every piercing. Rest assured, all our gemstones are guaranteed to stay securely in place, or we'll replace them at no charge. Special orders are welcome, too, at no additional cost.

Starting at just $60, our ear, nose, lip, and body piercing includes a basic internally threaded barbell.

Experience professional and affordable piercing with a touch of Virtue’s style. Visit us at the Virtue Tattoo + Piercing shop in Houston for an extraordinary body piercing experience. We’re committed to delivering exceptional services with passion and precision.


What materials are used in body piercing?

For all initial body piercings, we use jewelry made from implant-grade materials. Our barbells feature internal threading, and you can choose from titanium, gold, and platinum. Our gold body piercing jewelry is solid, including the ends, and we offer white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold options. Our barbells can be adorned with various gem ends, including natural stones like opal, turquoise, and onyx, as well as Swarovski crystals in 24 different colors. We also offer precious stones such as diamond, ruby, and sapphire, amethyst, opal, and more—allowing for customization. In addition, we carry organic body jewelry made from horn, wood, and bone, available in sizes ranging from 14 gauge to 2″ for healed body piercings.

What type of jewelry can I wear in my piercing once it's fully healed?

Even after your body piercing is fully healed, we recommend wearing high-quality body jewelry. It’s crucial to avoid wearing custom jewelry made from inferior materials, such as silver dangles with external threads, as they can cause irritation, even during short periods of wear.

What is the difference between internal and external threading on body jewelry?

External threading on body jewelry features sharp threads that can potentially damage your piercing during installation or jewelry changes. In contrast, internal threading on barbells offers a smooth surface, allowing for easy insertion and removal without harming the body piercing.

Can I bring my own body piercing jewelry for the piercing?

We use only world class body jewelry from leading jewelry companies such as BVLA, LeRoi Fine Body Jewelry, TAWAPA, Tether, ANATOMETAL, Industrial Strength, Junipurr, Buddha. This ensures that each piercing has the best chance at healing completely and properly.

What are the age requirements for body piercings?

To receive a body piercing, you must be 18 years old with valid identification, unless your parent or guardian accompanies you and provides appropriate identification along with the minor’s birth certificate.

Is your body piercing equipment sterile?

Yes, all equipment used during the body piercing process is sterilized. In fact, we sterilize everything right in front of you, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.

Are new needles used for each body piercing?

Yes, we use a fresh, single-use needle for each body piercing. If you’re getting multiple piercings, we will use the corresponding number of needles, ensuring they are sharp and sterile.

How long have your body piercers been performing piercings?

All our body piercers have a minimum of 17 years of professional body piercing experience. Experience is key in providing excellent results and ensuring a positive experience for our clients.

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