Temptress 4mmx2mm Garnet & 1mm Diamond 14k White

Temptress 4mmx2mm Garnet & 1mm Diamond 14k White

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Unveil your inner Temptress with our 14k Solid White Gold “Temptress” End, a breathtaking creation by BVLA. This 16g /18g threaded piece boasts a mesmerizing (1) 4x2mm kite-cut Garnet at its center, exuding a unique allure. Surrounding this Garnet are (3) 1mm genuine round White Diamonds, adding a touch of elegance and contrast4. The intricate bezel setting, adorned with delicate beaded work, complements the gemstones and elevates the overall design. BVLA’s craftsmanship ensures both beauty and durability. “Temptress” is more than jewelry; it’s a symbol of sophistication, allure, and individuality. Discover the perfect fusion of luxury and personal expression with this captivating gemstone creation.

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