Helana 1.25mm Aquamarine & 3mm Mercury Mist Topaz 14k White

Helana 1.25mm Aquamarine & 3mm Mercury Mist Topaz 14k White

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Ethereal Radiance: The BVLA Trillion Helena Gem Medley

Revel in the ethereal radiance of BVLA’s exquisite Trillion Helana gem medley. This breathtaking 14k solid white gold piece showcases a mesmerizing 3mm trillion-cut mercury mist topaz cradled in a three-prong setting. Flanking this centerpiece are three 1.25mm aquamarine gemstones on each side, elegantly secured in dazzling bezel settings.

The delicate three-bead clusters separating the aquamarines lend structure and definition to this intricate design. The cool lustre of the 14k white gold enhances the dance of icy blue and misty grey tones emanating from the precious gemstones.

Measuring an elegant 6mm in outer diameter, this threaded end effortlessly complements a variety of piercing locations, from whimsical daith adornments to exquisite industrial embellishments. BVLA’s impeccable craftsmanship ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Let the ethereal allure of the Trillion Helena gem medley elevate your personal style, evoking the serene beauty of clear waters and cloudy skies. Indulge in this exquisite masterpiece and embrace the captivating interplay of topaz and aquamarine gemstones, a harmonious fusion of nature’s marvels and BVLA’s unparalleled artistry.

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