Elain The Elain ear curation is a gentle piece reflecting “the flower-grower, the gentle heart…” This curation provides extra dimension and depth with alternating metals, and iridescence to give a sense of fantastical magic, and overall has a very floral sense to it. **This set includes** Ear Curation Pieces: 14k yellow gold 3mm round cup […]

Feyre Archeron

The next set is a set based on Feyre Archeron, the High Lady of the Night Court, whose extravagant, stellar curation begins with a 14k white gold Tiny Jeanie, a piece with a 1.5mm and 1mm black diamond, made with care by BVLA. Above that, we have the second lobe piercing, a 14k white gold piece with a 2mm black diamond by Buddha Jewelry. The third is a BVLA 14k white gold reverse prong set with Amethyst, a stone with a long history of defining authority and elegance. Following that is the fourth, an 18k white gold piece with 2.5mm Tiffany set blue sapphire manufactured by Anatometal. Moving slightly downward from that, there is a 14k white gold gemmed cascade with two black diamonds by Buddha. Going back up, we have a simple 14k white gold 18-gauge 5/16” seam ring, connected to a 14k white gold Lustre charm with a black diamond, produced by Tawapa. Moving slightly up from there, we have the 14k white gold Sillian, a piece with black diamond by BVLA. Continuing upward, we have a 14k white gold 3-bead cluster by Leroi, which is connected to a 14k white gold double-tile chain manufactured by Buddha. Next up is a Figment, which is 14k white gold with 2mm rainbow topaz by Tawapa, which is accompanied by a 14k white gold Blaze also by Tawapa, which has the same stone, the dark yet iridescent rainbow topaz. Then there is a 14k white gold Moonshine with a Swarovski gemstone, put together by Buddha. Up in the elf ear, there are three pieces that play into the star imagery associated with the Night Court. These pieces are two 18k white gold North Stars, manufactured by Anatometal, and one 14k white gold Sparkle, which is manufactured by Alchemy.


Nesta The Nesta ear curation is a set of warrior-inspired pieces showing off the personality and nature of the character, who is the eldest of the Archeron sisters. This curation features a combination of Swarovski gemstones, dark red brandy wine topaz, black diamonds, and smoky quartz, which accentuate aspects of Nesta’s character that are illuminated […]