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 Frequently asked questions
  • What kinds of tattoo designs can I choose from?
    The tattoo shop has thousands of tattoo designs to choose from and will spark tattoo ideas for many tattoos to come. We have American traditional tattoo designs from the likes of Sailor Jerry, Ed Hardy, Mike "rollo banks" Malone, and Lee Roy Minugh just to name a few. We also have tattoo designs that cater to those who like tribal tattoos, Japanese tattooing, black and grey tattoos, Celtic Tattoos, religious tattoos and that little something special you never knew you wanted.

  • Can I bring my own tattoo design?
    Bringing your own tattoo design is no problem. Feel free to bring in any reference you have for you tattoo idea. The tattoo artist can tattoo straight from your design or draw you up a one of a kind custom tattoo with ease.

  • Can you fix/cover-up a bad tattoo I have?
    Yes we can cover up you old tattoo or just give it a rework. Some tattoos work better for cover-ups than others so just stop by the tattoo shop to discuss your ideas with our tattoo artists.

  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    Tattoo prices depend on quite a few variables. The tattoo shop Minimum is $80 and it goes up from there. Much larger tattoos like full arm tattoos and tattoo of that size are done by the hour. The tattoo shops hourly tattoo rate is $150. Any reputable tattoo shop will have a similar fee structure.

  • Can I get a tattoo quote over the phone or internet?
    We do not give quotes for tattoo designs over the phone or internet. You would need to stop by the tattoo shop at your convenience to have a consultation with a tattoo artist. The best answer we can give over the phone about tattoo design price is to tell you our minimum and hourly rate.

  • How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
    In Texas it is state law that you MUST be 18 to get a tattoo.

  • Do I need an appointment to get tattooed?
    Setting an appointment is not necessary for most tattoo design but can be made to fit your schedule. Walk-ins are always welcome! To set a tattoo appointment you must stop by the tattoo shop and speak with the tattoo artist you would like to be tattooed by. They will set aside a future time and date for your tattoo and take a $50 deposit which comes off the price of your new tattoo.

  • How long have your artists been tattooing?
    All of our tattoo artist have been tattooing for at least 10 years. Having an experienced tattoo artist is key to getting the best tattoo. Houston is a large city and finding the best tattoo shop may seem tricky. If you take tattoo artist experience, reviews of the tattoo shop, and a portfolio filled with bright colors, solid lines, and smooth shading you will end up happy and have the best tattoo possible.

  • What if I'm allergic to latex?
    If you are allergic to latex please let your tattoo artist know and they can tattoo you with non-latex such as nitrile.

  • Can your tattoo artists do different styles of art?
    The tattoo artists can do a wide variety of tattoos styles. If you want a butterfly tattoo on your foot or huge traditional tattoo sleeve no problem. Tribal arm band or Japanese koi leg tattoo you're in the right tattoo shop.

  • Is your tattoo equipment sterile?
    All tattoo equipment that is sterilizable is sterilized. All the tattoo ink used during the tattoo is single serve and any leftover is disposed of properly.

  • Do you use ever re-use tattoo needles?
    Tattoo needles are always sterile and single use! After the tattoo is done the needles are placed into a sharps container and picked up by a medical waste company for proper disposal.

  • Do you guarantee your tattoo work?
    Yes do you guarantee your tattoo work. After the tattoo is healed if it needs a touch up just come by and speak with your tattoo artist so they can take care of it for you.

  • What materials do you use in body piercing?
    For all initial body piercing jewelry is made of implant grade materials and barbells are internally threaded. You can choose from stainless steel, titanium, gold, platinum. All of the gold body piercing jewelry is solid including the ends as is the platinum body jewelry. In the gold we carry white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. barbells can be fitted with gem ends of all type from natural stone like opal, turquoise and onyx, to swarovski crystals in 24 different colors as well as precious stone like diamond, ruby, and sapphire just to name a few. Each gem can be purchased in different sizes and settings. We also carry organic body jewelry for healed body piercings in a variety of sizes from 14 gauge to 2" in horn wood and bone. What can I wear in my Piercing after it heals? After your body piercing is fully healed it is still best to wear high quality body jewelry. Even a short period of wearing custom jewelry made of inferior materials with silver dangles and external threads can cause irritation.

  • What is the difference between internal and external threading on body jewelry?
    To look at it simply the sharp threads on an externally threaded bar may damage your piercing while installing or changing of the piercing. The smooth surface of an internally threaded barbell will slide in and out with no damage to the body piercing

  • What is your policy for bringing my own body piercing jewelry to be pierced with?
    Before we can use your body jewelry it must be thoroughly inspected. The jewelry if threaded must be internally threaded, have a mirror finish and be free of nicks burrs or scratches.

  • What are piercing age requirements?
    To get a body piercing you have to be 18 with proper id unless your parent or guardian is present and you both have proper id and the minor's birth certificate.

  • Is your body piercing equipment sterile?
    Yes everything we use doing the body piercing is sterilized. We actually sterilize everything in front of you.

  • Do you use new needles for every body piercing?
    Yes every body piercing need is used only once. Also if you get multiple piercing we would use the same number of needles as body piercing you are getting. They are only sharp once.

  • How long have your body piercers been piercing?
    All of our body piercers have been performing body piercing professionally for at least 17 years. Just like with the tattooing experience is key.

  • How much is it going to cost to get a body piercing?
    Most piercing start out at $50 with a basic ring or nostril screw and start at $60 with a basic barbell. We do have fancier options of body piercing jewelry that would change the price a little bit.

  • Do you do dermal anchor piercing?
    Yes we do dermal anchor piercing and other types of surface piercings. We have years of experience with this piercing and quite a large selection of body jewelry to make it look just how you want.

  • Can I get help changing out my jewelry, or answering any questions I might have about my body piercing?
    Yes our highly trained and experienced body piercers are here to help you in any way we can. If you have a question about your body piercing or want to have your piercing jewelry changed stop by the shop at anytime.


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